Aluminum Sunrooms vs. Jack’s Composite Sunrooms

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Composite Sunroom in Clay

Composite Sunrooms:

  • Composite materials will not crack, rot, corrode, fade, warp or dent.
  • Wall system fill panels are R15, structural members are R16, the standard roof panel is 3″ R15, each additional inch adds an additional R5
  • Industry leading 2 lb foam density in wall and roof panels
  • Up to a 130 mph wind rating
  • Full 3.25″ thick vinyl windows
  • Low E Argon windows are available in single sliders, sliding Windows, awnings, casements, and double hung windows.
  • Up to 90% Glass to Wall space.
  • Complete customization down to a 1/4 inch.
  • Upgradable from solid kick, transom, and trapezoids to Vinyl windows at any time with minimal labor.
  • 3 color choices (windows can be different colors than walls).
  • Wall systems accept standard size entry or patio doors.
  • Roofs can be shingled to match the home.
  • Walls can be sided to match the home
  • Beams in cathedral rooms can be covered with aluminum, wrapped in cedar, or stain grade glue-laminated beams.
  • Ceilings can be finished with almost any type of decorative tongue and groove pine or cedar.
  • Electrical raceways can be accessed at any time to add any type of wiring by simply unsnapping a cover plate.
  • Composite wall and roof systems do not leak or sweat.
  • Aluminum roof panel skin for Jack’s sunrooms is .032 thick

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Aluminum Sunrooms:

  • Aluminum is a conductor of temperature
  • Cool temperatures jump the small thermo brake in aluminum wall systems.
  • Aluminum walls and windows are the least condensation resistance materials in the building industry
  • Get A Free Estimate from Jack’s on the worlds only Composite Sunroom.

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