Why Composite Sunrooms

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Composite Sunroom in Clay

Jack’s Installs the world’s only composite sunroom. Composite four season rooms have full Good Houskeeping approved vinyl windows with a non-conductive glass spacer, Low E and Argon Gas. Our four season rooms come standard with a hidden fastener system, so no ugly screws show like in a typical aluminum or vinyl room.

Generally composite materials can be up to twice the price of aluminum or vinyl, but with a composite sunroom the price can be very comparable to rooms made out of weaker materials that transfer cold temperatures, causing severe condensation in the winter time. Competitors aluminum room usually has a two inch thick wall with a thermo break in the supporting channels. A thermo break is a very small piece of vinyl that separates two pieces of aluminum in an attempt to reduce conduction, unfortunately that method does not work in the severe climates of the northern states. All framing members in a composite room are dual extruded with a vinyl layer on the visible sides.

Every composite sunroom we build also has a raceway in the top of every wall to accommodate for electric, cable, or any other type of wiring needed after construction, so this means no ugly boxes inside the room mounted outside of the wall cavity.

Exterior Sunroom Options

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Composite Sunroom With Vinyl Siding

Composite sunrooms are the only room that can be built properly to match the exterior of your home. Our rooms can have the standard vinyl exterior wall finish or we can install any type of siding that is used on the typical home from vinyl to cedar even fiber cement siding, whereas aluminum and vinyl rooms are limited to their standard finishes with exposed fasteners. Composite roof systems with a modification can be finished with shingles to match your home.

Interior Sunroom Finishes

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Sunroom With A Knotty Cedar Finish

Jack’s composite rooms have a vinyl finish on the inside, but they can also have a custom wood finish applied. An additional piece of material can be manufactured in the roof panels allowing for planking to be attached. Cathedral rooms can also have one or more ceiling fan beams to optimize air flow.

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Composite Sunroom Built To Match the Existing Home

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